Here at Kotar Metals, we work with Copper as one of our main entries in the company.

This element (Copper) has been known to mankind since the Neolithic period, when it was used for the production of working tools, weapons and utensils; and most likely it was the first metal manipulated by man.

The metal can be used both in its pure form and combined with other metals.

That material is easily manipulated. It can be and should be reused. Moreover, it is a good conductor of heat and electricity and its applications can be as varied as possible.

Copper is used in the production of metal alloys, where we observe that its composition occurs by joining two or more components, and one of them is necessarily a metal.

There are over a thousand types of copper alloys.

Here are two very common examples:

Brass is produced by combining Copper with Zinc. As for bronze, that metal is a result of alloying copper with tin.

Much of the metal is currently intended for the production of electrical wires, telephones, lighting and telecommunications cables.

Copper is also used in the manufacture of cookware as it is an excellent conductor of
thermal energy.

We can find the element mainly in wires, cables, refrigerator motors, car motors as well as pipes and electrical materials in general.