Here at Kotar Metals we also work with the Bronze element. Bronze is one of the oldest metallic alloys to be worked on by mankind. According to historical accounts, its manufacture began over 3,000 years ago, an era known as the Bronze Age.

Ancient civilizations widely used metal, where we can highlight Egypt, Greece and the extinct Babylon.

Over time bronze has proved to be a much more viable element compared to other metals.

Bronze beauty and endurance has always aroused interest in the manufacture of items. It was at that time the production of various types of objects began, such as sculptures, weapons, kitchen utensils, ornaments and also jewelry.

There are several applications for bronze such as:

  • Manufacture of bolts, tools, sugar cane/alcohol plant equipment, electrical appliances, hydraulic connections, motor linings, gears, and even manufacturing of coins;
  • Manufacture of busts and statues of artists, poets, politicians and personalities, as we can see in squares, parks and museums;
  • Manufacture of bells, due to their high-quality sound;
  • Manufacture of musical instruments, decoration objects on tombstones and statues.

Bronze is also widely used in making medals, doorknobs, pendants and other applications.